Chief Editor

Agro Inform journal has been published since 2000.

Editor-in-chief Rustamov Sirozhiddin Tashniyazovich.

Deputy Editor-in-Chief Tairov Mahmud Abdulkhakovich

The official name of the periodical: Agroinform magazine is registered by the Agency for Information and Mass Communications under the Administration of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan with certificate No. 1191 dated 06/24/2021.

Halharo Index: ISSN 2181-2519 (online), 2181-2411 (print).

The founders of the journal: Tashkent State Agrarian University and individual Daliev Khurshidbek Akhmadzhonovich.

The purpose of the journal: decrees and resolutions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of agriculture and higher education in our country, the adopted program measures for the rapid development of the agricultural sector, the implementation of organizational work aimed at the further development of the agricultural sector and the higher education system and its promotion, marketing research, research of innovative technologies and their implementation, their results, as well as providing information on vices, existing problems and their solutions in public life, especially in the agricultural sector, suggestions and impartial attitudes of fans of our publication and experts in the relevant field in this regard.

Publisher: “Eko textile produkt” LLC, Tashkent.

Registration of scientific articles This is done in the registration section on the website  The magazine is published quarterly. Payment is made to the address of the editorial office or online payment is possible in various ways.

The electronic version of the journal is available on the website:

Editorial office phone: +998 (95) 195-52-52

Postal address: 100140, Tashkent region, Kibray district, Universitetskaya street, house 2.